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6/29/2018  Message to Owners of Airpark and Airstrip Properties.

We need properties for buyers who are looking.

Airpark and airstrip homes began to sell vigorously last spring, 2016.

Only a few new properties have been recently listed for sale across the states of North & South Carolinas.  The inventory of available homes is very low.


Many aviator buyers are now looking for properties and these recent listings either are not located in the area they want, or are not the property they

want or not in their price range. 


The most popular homes are those with a hangar, 3 bedrooms, 2+ baths

and in the 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft range and preferably priced between

$400K and $800K. 


If you have such a property that you want to sell, please call us at


or email  


There is also a great interest in homes with private airstrips or land suitable for a runway.


Sell airpark and airstrip property.  That's what we do!

We advertise (market our listings) to the aviation community worldwide.  Selling a home or lot as an aviation property increases its market value and supports the General Aviation communities in NC & SC.  Keeping an airpark property in the ownership of aviation-minded people protects the owners and assures them that their community will remain an airpark community.

NC was established in 2004 by Bruce & Geneva Allen to provide a real estate service specifically for properties in airpark communities in North Carolina.  Expanding into SC airparks info HERE.  New icon below

THE PURPOSE of is to provide airpark property owners with the means to market and sell their homes and lots with a firm that targets the aviation community with their marketing.  We advertise to the aviation community world-wide through our website where visitors are spurred by our ads in major aviation publications.

Unlike local real estate firms, our campaigns are strongly internet based and we advertise in every issue of  Trade-A-Plane, General Aviation News, Aviator Hot Line and soon in many other aviation publications.  These publications are distributed at air shows, trade shows, aviation expos and fly-ins worldwide.  Most also have have a website with a link to our website.

In order to be sure customers and clients have the best service possible we have dedicated our time to learning all we can about airpark communities and properties with an airstrip.   Because this is our specialty niche in the real estate market our research is on-going and our knowledge and data bases continue to grow.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to duplicate all the information we have collected in the past years when searching for aviation properties in the Carolinas so buyers looking at aviation properties in NC and SC will find the most information about available properties in one place on our website.

Call us to list and sell your home or lot.  It will save you both time and money.

Call or email us today - or 1-877-279-9623.

You will not find a better source to help you sell airpark properties in the Carolinas.

We are a real estate office who provides this website free of charge for your convenience.  Our website has been designed specifically for aviators looking to sell and buy properties in the Carolinas.  Most aviator buyers find the lot or home they are looking for on our website.  But only when we are the agent involved in the sale do we receive compensation for our work.


It used to be... when owners of aviation property prepared to sell, they listed with a real estate firm about which they had heard good reports. Unfortunately, due to the uniqueness of the property, the firm had difficulty in determining the value, had no idea how to target aviator-buyers, and could not relate to the unique needs associated with the aviation community. In their hearts, non-aviator realtors simply cannot appreciate the value of fly-in communities nor consider runways to be of much value. The listing was advertised on a multiple listing service (MLS), real estate websites, Buyers' Guides and local newspapers - all of which did not target the aviation community.

But now there is a better way . Why? Because is the only real estate firm having a specialty of residential runway property in North Carolina. We know this niche. Period. We market aggressively to pilots and aviators on the Internet, through trade publications, at major airshows and at fly-ins. We are in front of aviators' eyes every day. Count on it. Getting more potential aviation buyers looking at your property brings a quicker, higher-priced sale's a choice only you can make.

Since we shared information with the NC DOT-Aviation Division, they have been helpful by displaying our flyers and handouts at the two major air shows in the country; Sun N' Fun, Lakeland, FL in the Spring and the Oshkosh, WI, fly-in & airshows in the fall.  In addition, we attend many local fly-ins in NC where we distribute information about properties for sale. 

Our website has new visitors every day.  We continue to receive new calls and emails from potential buyers (some international) who found our website through web searches where we come up #1 and sometimes several times per search when prospects are searching for airpark properties in the Carolinas.  In addition we also post listings on the MLS. 

Whether working as your Sellers Agent or as dual agent (working for both the buyer and the seller) we strive for a 'Win-Win' outcome.  After all you are part of the world's Aviation Community.  Thus far we have succeeded in achieving that goal and in the process we have made many friends.


Call or email us today - or 1-877-279-9623.

You will not find a better source to help you sell airpark properties in the Carolinas.


Expanding into South Carolina:  There is a need for South Carolina airpark property owners to have representation, too.  I am expanding into SC as quickly as I possibly can.  Several things should reflect this change...1st is the web site

name change from NC-Airparks to Carolina Airparks.  We have reserved the URL and a change

to forwarding visitors to this URL will take some time.


You should know about Due Diligence in NC --  it is different.   In NC it's the law!!!

Understanding Due Diligence and Earnest Money on the NC Offer to Purchase and Contract

Good explanation HERE -

This is the simplest complete explanation I have seen.


The information on this Web Site is obtained when our agents scout out and collect information about both active and defunct airstrips across the state of North Carolina.  The agency relies upon this data for the purpose of doing our real estate business and providing clients with information about airparks and airstrips that are in the state of North Carolina.  Allen & Allen, Incorporated, operating under the registered trade name, makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning its accuracy and completeness and users are advised that their use of any data is at their own risk.  Allen & Allen, Incorporated assumes no responsibility for any decision made or any actions taken by the user based upon information obtained from this Web Site. The user agrees that Allen & Allen, Incorporated shall be held harmless from all actions, claims, damages or judgments arising out of the use of data displayed on this site.

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